Directions to the Museum by Public Transit

The e inc. museum is located at 114 16th St, Charlestown, MA 02129

For Public Schools

Schools that take the MBTA should get to and take the Orange Line to the Sullivan Square Station stop. Go out of the station and go downstairs & thru the small tunnel. Take the 93 bus South (every 15 minutes). Wait in the station if cold.

Call the museum when you get on the bus at 617-242- 4700 and we will meet you at the Vine Street stop or the 13 th Street stop.

Exit the bus at Vine Street or at 13 th Street if you get the bus that stops in the Navy Yard*.  Museum staff will meet you at the stop and walk you to the museum.

Note #1 on the 93 bus: *Bus 93 stops inside the Navy Yard once per hour. Try to time your arrival to get that bus since the walk to museum is shorter. (tell our staff and they will meet you at 13th Street instead).

Note #2 on the 93 bus: Bus 93 can also be picked up near State Street on the Orange line. This will be the 93 North bus and it makes the same stops as the above directions but the ride is shorter.

There are other ways to get to the site. Please discuss transit with Thi Tran when she calls you to review all details of your visit 2 weeks before you come.

For Saturday Families

For public transit on Saturdays the above directions for schools hold, however we cannot meet you at the bus stop.

By car, from South or North get onto Chelsea Street in Charlestown – it abuts the entire Navy Yard, Drive to the last opening in the gate at 16 th Street (last traffic light & same street as Spaulding Rehab). 114 16 th Street is the red brick building to your left. The Museum is the space to your right as you enter. Proceed to the end of the hall and enter there. Parking is available at the large garage opposite our building.